About Capt'n Greenfin

We have specialized in the development of sustainable predatory fish bait and already offer plastic-free bait and lead-free alternatives. Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly products for the fishing industry without compromising the effectiveness and attractiveness of the lures.

>> Capt'n Greenfin realized what the fishing industry has not yet achieved: to offer anglers a real alternative to conventional plastic bait with very good catching properties. <<

We continually develop our products and materials together with our community. Take part and test the Greenfins on your favorite body of water.

We wish you a good time by the water!

Team Greenfin

Gabriel, Jonas & Nico

PDF: How to Greenfin

In our free PDF you will find out:

  • What Greenfins are
  • Tips for longer shelf life
  • Techniques for your target fish
Here for the PDF

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