Predatory fish look for proteins. You can give it to them!


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What is your material made of?

Of course, the exact recipe remains secret. What we can say is that it consists of various natural proteins. We use natural substances to color the bait. We add our own fresh garlic concentrate for flavor. Our material is really 100% organic and a gill cell test according to the OECD 249 standard has shown that our bait is absolutely harmless to fish and nature.

How long can I fish a lure for?

The water temperature
significantly influences the longevity of the bait
. The bait can be used at temperatures below 18°C fishing for 1-2 hours using modern spin fishing techniques. Are the temperatures above this, the consumption of baits increase. Correct handling of the bait also determines how long the natural bait lasts.

Do the baits really biodegrade?

If lost, the bait will decompose on average after about 3 weeks. They can be consumed by fish and small organisms.

Do you also have baits with paddle tails?

The current bait shapes promote the longevity of our baits. We are researching with the Institute for Plastics Technology FHNW to make the material even more robust despite being degradable. Pioneering work that takes time. The material update should then also enable paddle tails and other bait shapes.

How can I support you?

We are a young company and still have a lot of plans. The easiest way to support us and our work is:

  • with orders in the shop
  • by talking about us
  • ask about our baits in fishing shops

Thanks for your support!

Greenfin protein baits

"The nice thing about fishing is that you can try out a lot of things and have new products like protein baits as an ace up your sleeve in spots with high fishing pressure."

from RAUBFISCH magazine 01/24

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