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Capt'n Greenfin

Greenfin 5cm Softbait Kiwi

Greenfin 5cm Softbait Kiwi

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The bestseller for trout and perch!

A predatory fish magnet on the light jig head and drop shot! The protein mixture releases flavor while fishing and ensures tough bites. The most sustainable bait on the market.

Package contents: 15 pieces


+ Perceptible flavor: The Greenfin material can be mixed with flavor that is released underwater!

+ Provokes bites: For our flavor we use a concentrate made from hand-pressed garlic!

+ Environmentally friendly material: Greenfins are the first baits that degrade 100% and are therefore truly sustainable. No plastic & non-toxic for fish and nature! (OECD 249 test)

We are actively researching to improve durability. By purchasing our products, you support our work and can already catch predatory fish today #cleanfishing

Length: 5cm (2'')
Color: kiwi
Hook recommendation: # 2-4 without baitholder
Manufacture: Germany & Switzerland

Notes on Greenfin material:

  • Heat sensitivity: Make sure to store the pack in the shade, especially on sunny summer days.
  • Reusability: The Greenfin softbaits can currently only be reused to a limited extent because they react with moisture (in order to be degradable). Store bait in its packaging and put it fresh on the hook before fishing.
  • Duration of application: When assembled correctly, Greenfin softbaits can be fished for around 30 minutes - 60 minutes (summer) 1 hour to 2 hours (winter), depending on bite frequency and water temperature.

You can find more information about the application in free PDF .

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